Frontend Developer


Boulder, CO or Remote




$80,000-$100,000 USD

An opportunity to do your best work

Faculty is a digital design and technology studio dedicated to building a better web. We apply web standards and progressive enhancement to design and build trustworthy, resilient websites. Learn more about the team, our work, and the standards we apply to everything we do.

We’re looking for a frontend developer who’s excited about using HTML and CSS to help build exceptional user experiences. You should be committed to doing good work, which, to us, means prioritizing reliability, scalability, and accessibility. You can work from our Boulder, Colorado office, or remotely. The salary range for this full-time role is $80,000 to $100,000.

Here’s a little more about this role.


  • Build exceptional user interfaces
  • Help ensure designs take advantage of the web’s strengths
  • Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders
  • Apply and advocate for web standards, especially accessibility


  • Expertise in HTML and CSS
  • Enthusiasm for web standards and progressive enhancement
  • Dedication to creating exceptional user experiences
  • Good written and verbal communication skills

Please note: we do not require that you have a college degree, a specific number of years in this type of role, or previous experience with fancy clients. (It’s fine and great if you do, but we don’t expect it.)


We reward good work with a good life. This means you’ll get:

  • The best healthcare plan money can buy
  • A generous retirement plan
  • Three weeks of vacation
  • All major holidays and the last week of the year off
  • 12 weeks paid parental leave
  • Sick days on the honor system
  • Flexible work hours (most of us have families)

To help you do your best work, you’ll have colleagues that are among the best in the business. They’re also people you can count on. We all support and learn from each other. We value honesty, creativity, optimism, thoughtfulness, and curiosity.

Even though we’ve spent decades working on the web, we all learn something new pretty much every day. It may be about technology, design, or business. Or it may be about backpacking, absurdist comedy, or pizza. We’ll be excited to learn from you, too.

About Faculty

Faculty is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, but many of us work remotely. We get together at least twice a year to look back, learn from our successes and mistakes, and plan for the future. Part of our plan for the future is slow growth. Rather than speed, we’re focused on sustainability. Just as we want our work to endure, we want Faculty to be around for the long term. That means each and every person we hire is essential to our collective success. Likewise, each and every one of our clients is important to us. Most recently, we’ve worked with Keybase, The DO Lectures, and Jessica Hische.

To apply

If you’re interested in this role, email your resumé, a link to your website, or anything else that gives us a sense of your work and values to